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We often use the terms "AI model" and "Profile" interchangeably - every profile is linked to a specific, custom Stable Diffusion model that was trained on the given input photos.

Sample Profile

Every account (whether paid or free) gets initiated with a sample profile of a public figure and some image credits to try out the system.

Creating a profile

Each plan comes with a certain number of profiles (which correspond to training credits).

To create a new profile:

  1. Click on the ADD PROFILE thumbnail in your profile selection page:

2. Fill in your preferences and choose high quality photos. Please double-check everything before submitting. Once you click Continue - the new profile cannot be changed, and the training job gets triggered immediately.

3. Go grab a coffee (or beer, we don't judge) and in about 10-20 minutes your brand new, custom AI model should be ready to roll! 🎉

Deleting a profile

  • Profile deletion cannot be undone - all resources are removed immediately.

  • To delete a profile, click the 'x' at the top-right of the profile thumbnail:


Profile Creation Preferences

  • "I am a..."

    • Refers to the class of the training concept. When training the model on a new concept (in this case - you, or whomever is the subject in your photos) - we use prior preservation - we start training with preexisting understanding of the general idea - the class.

    • For example: we don't train it from scratch to understand what is "Jane". It starts with the understanding that "Jane" is a particular instance of class "Woman".

    • Tip: The more specific the class is - the higher the chances are that the resulting model will be able to generate images that make sense.

      • This is especially relevant for younger or older age groups. Using class "Man" for a 15-years old will not yield the expected results.

    • If you need a class we're missing - just let us know.

  • "After training, the photos should be..."

    • Default: keep them stored on our secured & encrypted infrastructure hosted on AWS. Our team does not have manual access to the files - we may only acquire access if you ask us to (in order to troubleshoot an issue).

    • You may choose to have the photos deleted automatically upon training completion. Regardless of your choice, you may contact us at any time if you'd like us to remove your images or personal data.

    • Deletion & limited functionality

      • We go the extra mile: we always generate a few extra images, then automatically perform a similarity match between the generated images and the profile's input photos which tries to get rid of very low confidence images. Without your input photos, this feature cannot run.

      • Support: if your generated model does not produce the results you expect, our ability to investigate it would be limited without the image files that were used for training.

  • Name

    • Whatever you'd like it to be, as long as you don't have an existing profile with the same name.

    • Technical note: we don't use it as the instance keyword, so don't worry about it - we'll generate a unique, obscure keyword to associate your trained concept with.

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